My approach is holistic, integrating the body, mind and spirit. Our work together opens  you to knowing and feeling in a direct experiential way your potentiality. You come to feel directly your inherent goodness.  Our work together opens you to the fullness of your being in its totality.

Using body oriented inquiry and with great gentleness and compassionate guidance our exploration naturally allows you to feel deeply touched, and in this way the work becomes transformational. This approach is effective multidimensional journey of discovery and exploration of your deepest nature.

My work is governed by and attuned to your unique process.  For some our exploration  can open things up in a way that actually allows you to begin to find and know how you feel.  For others you may be able to explore more dimensionality of your inner psyche-being. This process may connect you to memories from the past but with a new level of understanding.  A new level of understanding that is more complete and  integrative and not mental in nature.

We work with where you are at which means whatever your issues and concerns might be  become the fuel for our discovery.  Many issues and concerns can be resolved in the light of this depth of understanding into the truth of who you are. As your inquiry deepens, your consciousness opens you to your deepest self, to what we call your True Nature.  You also may experience various qualities  of your true nature such as value, strength, nurturance and power to be your authentic self.

I will help guide your inquiry journey.  As part of our work together you will learn how to inquire into your on-going unfoldment.  This approach is grounded and you experience greater levels of embodied realization as our journey together matures.

I incorporate the understanding of the Enneagram which has a quickening effect on  your inquiry.  This understanding allows you to  directly contact  issues that you have been grappling with your whole life.  You actually don’t need to know anything about the Enneagram for our work together to be effective.

This is a Mindfulness Approach which opens your heart and soul, and your body awareness so that you naturally align with the truth of who you are.  What has been missing is recovered in profundity.

For those who are ready for deeper work I can offer non dual approach.

All you need is  to show up for yourself with sincerity and genuine curiosity.

If you are interested in personal growth, or finding what feels missing in you or your life, or simply have an interest in unfolding your psyche-soul’s potentiality, my work might be right for you.

Many of my clients find this  process deeply satisfying and rich. My clients often call our inquiry an adventure of discovery.

I work with both individuals and with couples.  My Couples work is unique in that it is both experiential and organic in how it unfolds. This means I work with what is needed for the couple, sometimes working with each partner, sometimes working with the couple, and sometimes the couple working with each other. I will help you learn and open to new levels of communication, understanding, acceptance, forgiveness, intimacy and depth. For couples who want to go deeper, I will guide you through a process that optimizes your spiritual journey with each together.

I will name a few of the issues I have worked with:  Depression; Anxiety: Phobias, and Panic ; Creative Blocks; Life Transitions;  Men’s and Women’s Issues; Difficulties with expressing Anger ; Challenges to having your needs; and Sexuality Issues;  Self Growth & finding yourself.  This list is not exhaustive. Mid-life and feeling something missing in you.

What is important is that you feel this approach and our relationship is a good fit for you. If something in you feels moved to check this out,  give me a call and we can discuss whether this approach is good  fit  for you.